Where are you in your career and your personal side of life?  Do they match?  Is what's in your heart compatible to what you're actually pursuing in your career?  Or, does the needle scratch across the record and the car's tires come to a screeching halt at the thought of answering that question?  You don't have to be in conflict.  In fact, you'd be much better off and everyone around you, if you'd productively pursue what you're aching to do.  Why?  Because, then, you could truly be YOU and let all of the talents and gifts inside you come to the forefront, and take the lead.  It's our pleasure to remind you that you were distinctly designed by the Lord your God -- The Creator -- to do great things in your life and positively impact the lives of others.  Money's a good thing, it affords us options, but it is by no means everything, and it can not fulfill you.  Thus, there is the glaring and grand dichotomy that puzzles the "little guy" regarding the mega wealthy guy who's also mega miserable inside.  Not only do career and life not have to be that way, in conflict, but they shouldn't be.  Ever.  To be at odds with one's own self is self destructive -- and that's an eternal Biblical principle that should never be forgotten or ignored:  

Judaism is quick to highlight the first question in the Torah for its poignancy concerning our own lives:

Ultimately, this is the first question of the entire Bible for both Jewish and Christian believers who are followers of the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob, as for the Jew the Hebrew Bible is comprised of the Tanakh -- or "Old Testament" in Christianese -- and for the Christian, the Bible consists of both the Tanakh/Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and the New Testament; and in both, every single writer is Jewish, as Judaism is the root of Christianity.  Unfortunately, lazy believers don't bother to investigate, acknowledge or revere that exceedingly crucial fact.  We must all be grateful for Judaism and God's remarkable call upon Abraham and the Jewish people, as it is because of their obedience to Him that the world has Monotheism, the Bible and the Christian Messiah, Yeshua, which is Jesus' Hebrew name, given He, too, is Jewish.  Amazing how all good roads lead to Israel and Jerusalem.  Isn't it?  We certainly think so!  That's a lot of good stuff and beautiful people to be happy and thankful for.  Now, imagine what amazing things you can also do in your obedience to God -- if you would only dare to go there.  So, we pose the same question to you:  Where are you in your career and life?  Your career is to be carved out of the force of life that God has given you, and not vice versa.  Career is not supposed to create or control your life, neither are material possessions, pleasure or ego.  We are each to live for God and serve for the good of other people, working to improve the quality of life in this world; that's God's call on us, whether we're a finance professional, plumber, CEO, make-up artist, accountant, solutions architect, attorney, sales exec, SVP, or PR guru, etc.  Again we ask: Can you imagine what amazing things you could do in your obedience to God, if you were to DARE TO GO THERE?  We can & we want to help you get there, if you're serious enough to join us!    


At fisher&logos, we exist to help you get on the right path to the fulfillment of your maximum potential that will create a match between your deeply rooted desires to serve God and others in need, and to thrive professionally, and personally.  It's about getting in the zone where you create harmony between the deepest part of you -- your soul -- and your brain, mind, personality, and the actions you take.  We focus on clearly identifying the right paths for you to take that are practical and achievable for getting you where you truly desire to be and do.  Like coaches and even agents to professional athletes, we are guidance counselors for professionals in every field.  We are your personal advisors -- your coaches.  We are passionate problem-solving engineers, bold enough, smart enough and experienced enough to wrestle practically any career challenge into submission for the sake of winning clarity, peace-of-mind and confidence for our clients.  We are here to help you step into the life that expresses your true character, because that's when fulfillment arrives and evolves.  That's where your production for the good of your well-being and that of many others -- in tandem with your relationship with God -- will thrive.  That's the kind of stuff that changes your life.  We start by creating a Strategic Action Plan, which is essentially a business plan for the business of YOU, because every successful enterprise needs one.


1. No digital, generic personality tests here.  We are in the business of helping people succeed, so one of our Professional Coaches will contact you for an extensive interview and become your active Coaching Advisor throughout the process of helping you to navigate possibilities and pivot directions.​

2. We create a Personal Profile that pin-points and ties together your skills, experience, talents, and gifts with your desires and passion, because sometimes it's hard for people to see themselves. 

3. We conduct research identifying available opportunities within your company, field and/or other compatible fields where you can leverage your Profile's indicators to achieve professional fulfillment.

4. We conduct an analysis of your potential to become an entrepreneur.

5. We research opportunities for furthering your education and funding it.

6. Based on your Profile, we search and find opportunities for you to provide the greatest amount of help to people in need, right where you live and out-of-state.

7. We encourage you along the way and show you how God's principles and Judeo-Christian values are the true keys to achieving fulfillment in every area of your life.


A lot of professionals have trouble reconciling the challenge of being married to career and being married to God, or one might say-- worshiping your career and relying on it to provide everything, versus making God supreme in your life and trusting Him to be your source for all you need without your prized career taking a nose dive.  We're here to tell you:  It's not only doable, but it's being done by many, and we'll show you how.


fisher&logos employs the kind of creative thinking that yields results and finds an effective way, where others only see a burden or insurmountable obstacles.  Let fisher&logos guide and lead you to real solutions brought about with the utmost consideration and care, and the powerful truths of The Word of God.  Your best interest is our priority, so you can Live, Work & Serve on Mission -- the Judeo-Christian mission of teaching others about Him and loving others the way He loves us all, in tangible ways that change lives for the better! 

Contact us today to discuss the types of career challenges you may be facing and 
the dreams you'd love to achieve.  We'll work with you to customize a Strategic Action Plan 
that addresses your unique circumstances and gets you going in a new direction, right now.

We’re here to help, so you can win, and then help others to win, too! 

But Jesus knew their thoughts, and said to them: “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand.“

-Yeshua (Jesus' Hebrew Name) | Matthew 12:25  (NKJV)

Then the Lord God called to Adam and said to him,
“Where are you?”

-Genesis 3:9  (NKJV)
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