A Unique Team,​​
On A Unique Business

The professionals on our staff have successfully directed the marketing communications efforts of pro sports teams in the NFL, NBA and WNBA; managed national campaigns for Burger King Corporation and its tie-in partners including Disney, Warner Bros., and Nintendo; helped improve the quality of life for local communities, while in the public service of local government in one of America's most diverse communities, Miami, Florida; and won awards for helping companies like Southwest Airlines, Macy’s and The Princeton Review to achieve their strategic business-plan goals.  

We are experts in marketing, entrepreneurship, public relations, and education with a passion for effective communication, strategic planning, creativity, making CAREERS more fulfilling -- and -- one more thing...

We are passionate about
promoting all of the goodness and light that are shared and
declared in both the Hebrew & Christian Bibles  and  about
strengthening the Judeo-Christian heritage of the United States of America,
our home sweet home, because in a rapidly and drastically changing world,
its richness, beauty, truth, and guidance aren't only helpful -- 
they bring mankind closer to God the Creator &
into healthy fellowship with one another!  

We leverage our expertise, zeal and savvy to help Professionals & Leaders like you answer the highest call of all and fulfill the greatest challenge standing before every faith-driven man and woman in America today, which is this:

Can you narrow the focus of your Life, Career, Business, and Brand, so that
how you function as a Professional and Leader, the work you produce, and the products and messaging
that your business brings to market all meet the standards, values and principles of Judeo-Christianity? 
And, can you muster the strategically creative boldness, chutzpah and compassion

to promote those values to the market you serve and reach each day?

In short, can you: 

in order to...

To meet this challenge and call, is to bend the knee and bow, to humble yourself, and to know and take it to heart, as it is written in the Torah of the Old Testament/Tanakh:  that the Lord, He is God in the heavens above and on the earth below -- there is none other.  This is what it means to truly Work, Live & Serve on Mission, and not to simply engage in charity or occasional obedience and casual worship at convenient times and locations.  This is really living.  Meanwhile, the breakdown in culture, society and in our individual lives, is a result of doing the opposite.  We help you fulfill the call.

Because, we are professionals, executives and business owners -- LIKE YOU -- and we've heard God's call on us to live just so, and we have embraced it.  And, it has become the greatest adventure of our lives, corroborating the journeys and experiences of those who've come before us in the holy Scriptures.  Phenomenal.  So, how can we not encourage and help you achieve this Mission, too, now that we KNOW -- not think or believe -- that the "Good Book" is true and God is for real?  Some people could care less, but some people want to know and please Him.  We serve the fiercesome few that do.

realize and maximize the​​  full potential that God designed & equipped you with, so you can achieve His purposes
for making the world a better place according to
His standards and His holy point of view?

Isn't anything less,
self-defeating & short of the ultimate goal line??

As we heard more and more professionals express dissatisfaction with chasing the stereotypical carrots and prizes of climbing the corporate ladder and running the Rat Race marathon, including young-gun twenty-somethings making six-figure salaries in Silicon Valley, we began to scratch our heads and realize that something is wrong with "business as usual."  Professionals at all levels are expressing a desire for something more meaningful and transcendentally more valuable than what has traditionally been lauded as the pinnacle of a successful career.  Simultaneously, we've watched with great concern as discord among people has intensified throughout our amazing nation and even abroad.  Our concern has turned to action on both fronts, as we see a correlation THAT IS SPIRITUAL and impacts the SOUL. 

In both the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Bible (which contains the Hebrew Bible), the Almighty Himself, teaches us that harmony -- PEACE -- within one's own self is only attainable and sustainable when we make God first in our lives and love others as He loves us.  Scripture also reveals from Genesis to Revelation, how the harmony of brotherly love cannot exist where God is not supreme.  Today's growing anxiety and restlessness indicate a deep void and dire need that can only be filled by the nurtured presence of God.  Why?  Each person is a soul and God is the Soul of souls; disconnection is detrimental.

We're here to guide and provide an opportunity to help heal and strengthen America starting with you, in your career, and working outwards, because making a positive change in both arenas is absolutely doable and necessary for all to succeed.  Why sit back and remain stagnant when a positive difference can be made to create GOOD starting now?  Why be passive when you can actually LIVE FOR GOD & DO BUSINESS FOR HIM 24/7/365, instead?  This faith was created by God to be dynamic, just as He is dynamic and never dormant; and dynamic in every aspect of our lives from career to the brotherhood of American countrymen and women.  It's time to start working & living meaningful lives with Him -- THE TRULY ABUNDANT LIFE.

If you're serious about fulfilling this Mission, we at fisher&logos want to welcome you to the new movement being fueled by a team of professionals, business leaders, companies, and organizations, large and small, that are mobilizing to refocus themselves, their messaging and outreach efforts to propel, preserve, champion, and inspire The Faith of the American Heritage -- founded on Judaism & Christianity that is rooted in Judaism.  Here's how we support you, how our members support one another, and together, we help this great nation and its professionals to fulfill its God-given Mission and thrive in the process:

1.  The Pro's Coach - Take advantage of our
CAREER COACHING service for professionals designed to help you gain perspective of where you are professionally & personally, and pinpoint where you desire & need to be in both areas, in light of the Judeo-Christian faith that lights up each of its pursuers and the world with good.  Our customized Personal Profile of you will result in a personalized Strategic Action Plan that you can then implement, step by step, to realize and maximize your full potential. 

2.  Patriot Guardian of Americana - Become a
PATRIOT GUARDIAN OF THE FAITH OF THE AMERICAN HERITAGE.  This is practical faith in action helping to educate people, especially youth, about our American history and the Judeo-Christian faith that first launched the creation of this nation and has sustained it.  Help generate awareness about America's founding Pilgrims who fled Great Britain risking their lives to come to America, so they could establish a new home where they could freely practice their Judeo-Christian faith according to Biblical standards.  That same Judeo-Christian faith served as a foundational basis for the creation of the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States of America.  All businesses have mechanisms in place for communicating their marketing messages to their consumers.  As a Patriot Guardian, you'll leverage your existing marketing systems to promote this rich and powerful history with the marketing materials and tools that we'll provide you with, so that Judeo-Christianity is never forgotten as the faith that founded America and strengthened a nation of people to flourish and succeed against all odds, even tyranny.  In this way, you can directly edify and bless the marketplace, along with a team of other businesses doing the same.  Some companies want to do more concerning tearing down the divisions between their products, the consumer and God's truths, and we can help you achieve that marketing goal, too.  Business, faith & life can successfully mix.

3.  Join A Force of One (AFORCE1) - Become an 
AFORCE1 MEMBER.  We have created and foster a special and distinct network of distinguished businesses, small and large, domestic and international, Jewish and Christian in Spirit and action, who are individually many working together as one united front.  Why?  Because there is strength in numbers and in the pool of resources and support found in the unique camaraderie that our members experience due to our shared Mission and faith.  Together, we all serve and succeed in preserving The Faith of the American Heritage and its integrity within ourselves, as we embrace the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob and declare, as they themselves and the Pilgrims did, "God first!"

4.  Join Team Lech Lecha -
"Lech lecha" is Hebrew for "GO FORTH!"  It is noted as being the first command ever issued by God to the first Jew ever to walk the earth -- Abraham.  It refers to much more than just progressing forward geographically.  It encompasses abandoning stagnancy, complacency and fear to find and step into the truest version of yourself with God as your lead.  Thereby, you step into the mission and missions for which He specially and distinctly designed and created you to achieve.  Join us in action to feed the poor, support the widow, help the orphan and even those who've been devastated by disasters across the nation.  Many people and children need help, right now, and you can provide rescue and relief.  As busy professionals, we often want to make a difference in the lives of others, but don't know how.  Keep it simple and impactful by joining us with your hands and feet -- not just your wallet -- in the efforts we already have underway, and get ready to deliver tangible assistance, hope and encouragement.  Real Judeo-Christian faith in action helps and encourages people to GO FORWARD!  In doing so, we promise you a paradigm shift in how you understand yourself, others, God, and this life.  And when "they" see God's love reaching out to them through you, they'll experience a paradigm shift, too.  Lech Lecha Outreach Volunteer Efforts (LLOVE) double-up on love to help you & them see God.

"Children, let us love not with words and talk,
but with actions and in reality!"

-1 John 3:18 | Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

God is Calling - C'mon, Let's Go!
"At fisher&logos, we are your impassioned marketers, expert guides and problem-solving engineers leveraging Biblical principles and business savvy to help you bring more of The Creator's light into your life and the world.  The Word of God commands us to be the salt of the earth & the light of the world.  We exist to help you fulfill that mission, because to fail to nurture your own well-being is simply a sad and harmful shame -- and not to nurture your own country's welfare is practically criminal, selfish and weak, and a dangerous betrayal of your self and fellow countrymen.  We're thrilled to remind you that you were born to thrive and to help others do so, too.  It's our pleasure to bring those mechanisms to you.

Now let's get started Living & Working for God 24/7/365 and begin to make things new and better, together -- right now!

Welcome & Shalom."     

                      -Doris V. Howe
                                     Founder & President